Sileo is a small shop specialised in natural products.
​We sell natural cosmetics, body care, haircare as well as eco-friendly and toxic free household products.
I also offer different types of relaxing treatments such as head-and face massage, as well as haircuts.

The idea for the store came after a longer sick leave and after a long conversation with my dear and wise little sister who gave me ideas about what I could have in my store. I then decided to do something about it and start up Sileo, which by the way means restart in Latin.

I value clean, safe and environmentally friendly products and think that together we can do something both for ourselves and also for the environment.

I have a wide range of natural cosmetics, vitamins & minerals and also other organic products for the home.

I have previously worked for many years as a hairdresser and now also offer haircuts and treatments. Find more information here

If there is anything you're wondering about, I'd be happy to help. 


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