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balmyou Arabica coffee oil 20 ml

balmyou Arabica coffee oil 20 ml

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A few drops of coffee oil are enough for your daily skin treatment: Pat the coffee oil gently under your eyes. To tighten sagging skin, massage in the coffee oil well.

The coffee oil counteracts sagging skin and relieves dark circles and crow's feet. It has regenerating, moisturizing and firming as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The skin is moisturized and the natural skin barrier is supported. Oleic acid acts as a penetration enhancer and ensures that moisture can penetrate even deeper and more effectively into the skin.

The Arabica coffee oil has an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect and promotes the regeneration of UV-damaged skin. The non-irritating care is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, there is an anti-inflammatory effect as well as the tightening and decongestant properties of caffeine.

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