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balmyou pure Nilotica shea butter 30ml

balmyou pure Nilotica shea butter 30ml

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The pure Nilotica shea butter is a real all-round talent. It is suitable as day and night care for  the face and body . It is ideal for the care  of sensitive skin areas  such as the face, neck and décolleté, as well as for intensive care of particularly stressed skin areas (elbows and knees, freshly shaved skin, stressed hands, cracked heels). Even a hazelnut-sized portion of shea butter helps to make the affected skin areas supple again.

In addition, our shea butter is the optimal care for the sensitive and  delicate skin of babies , as it is free of fragrances, colorings and preservatives  . It is also  very well suited for the often heavily used diaper area, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves itching.  It can also be used to prevent and treat stretch marks during pregnancy.

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