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Beauty Garden

Beauty Garden Calendula oil 100ml

Beauty Garden Calendula oil 100ml

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Calendula oil is a treatment oil that repairs skin damage, nourishes and moisturizes. The product can be used all over the body to nourish the skin, treat dry cuticles, soothe stings from nettles, help the skin recover from skin irritations, soothe the skin after shaving, and whatever else you can think of! A product for the whole family from head to toe!

Calendula oil is phenomenal for soothing the skin even after sunbathing. The redness of the skin calms down and the beautiful tan is accentuated.

The Calendula oil is one of our best-selling products, almost earning the reputation of a miracle oil. You can use the oil on the face, body, scalp care or massage. The oil instantly restores the fatty acid balance that  your skin  needs

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