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BRUNS Hair mask (various) 350 ml

BRUNS Hair mask (various) 350 ml

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Nr22 is a handmade deep moisturizing and repairing hair mask with a pleasant, slightly spicy scent. The mask contains organic jojoba oil, which cares for and moisturizes the hair. Organic shea butter stimulates the scalp, gives hair plenty of shine. The mask is suitable for all hair types. Perfect for the Curly Girl method.

Nr25 Bruns silver hair mask gives strength and shine to damaged hair. The combination of organic shea butter, avocado oil and coconut fat creates a given hair pack for dry hair. Kampeche neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in light hair. The product does not add pigments but works to bring out a clearer tone to the hair. The silver mask also contains keratin, which strengthens the hair shaft. No fragrance added.

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