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Famo Conditioner bars 85g

Famo Conditioner bars 85g

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FAMO -natural cosmetics from Finland Famo is a small Finnish one-woman business based in Tuusula, Finland. All products are handmade in nature-respecting way. An owl represents Famo.

Takku conditioner bar is fragrance-free, vegan, natural cosmetics and it also fits well with the Curly girl method. I recommend Takku conditioner especially for thick hair. It is the most caring of Famo's conditioners. Even though Takku is unscented, you can distinguish a delicious smell of cocoa and coffee butter.

Hellusta  conditioner bar clears tangles and effectively gives shine to the hair. The conditioner bar does not feel to heavy on the hair. Sensitive hair seems to absorb too much of the oils in conditioners. It is recommended to use cool water for rinsing, so that the hair can absorb the treatment better.

Sydänkäpy conditioner bar smoothes, gives softness and makes hair wonderfully shiny.  It is not completely fragrance-free, but smells like rosemary. Sydänkapy contains extract from fenugreek seeds, which contains high concentrations of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Sydänkapy conditioner bar is a very good choice for dry, damaged hair. H

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