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Jimmy Boyd

Jimmy Boyd fragrance water 200ml

Jimmy Boyd fragrance water 200ml

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Jimmy Boyd is a Spanish series of organic "perfumes" founded in 1979.  “The right perfume will find its way to the right person” - that’s the philosophy behind Jimmy Boyd fragrances. 
The fragrances are made of organically grown products as well as wild plants, and no synthetic materials are used. The products also do not include solvents, preservatives or any ingredients of animal origin.

Lemon & Rose : The fresh scent brings to mind the zest of a freshly squeezed lemon. A light citrus scent with a hint of rose.
Aromatherapy; brings strength and energy.

Wild roses: a feminine scent with wild roses. The rose is a symbol of love, purity, passion and beauty. The scent of the rose flower is subtle and one of the most idealized scents.
Aromatherapy; harmony and well-being.

Verbena: is a fresh lemongrass scented water.
The fragrance overflows with the power and freshness of nature. The sea, the sandy beach and the Mediterranean summer and the pulse of life flood your mind with this scent.
Aromatherapy; energy and vitality.

Spring Rain: is a soft scent with the scent of spring rain.
What does rain smell like? Rainwater together with forest flowers create a scent that everyone loves.
Aromatherapy; brings calmness and peace and strengthens inspiration.

Forest: The scent transports you to a Mediterranean forest, with a hint of spiciness at first; scents of lavender, rosemary and basil. The scent deepens into a masculine forest.

Green tea & Mint: Green tea and mint together form a soft, fresh, green chord that refreshes the body and the tired mind. In the fragrance, the freshness of lemon, bergamot and mint and the softness of cardamom and ginger will tickle your senses. The aromatherapeutic effect of the scent is mental clarity and peace.

Orange blossom: For this creation, we add freshly picked herbs or flowers to let them infuse and enhance their natural scents. This delicate perfume combines extraordinary ingredients: organic orange leaf, which is pampered hours before bottling; the jasmine; the lemon; the sage; thyme and orange blossom. An aroma that you will always choose to take with you.

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