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Klockargårdens Natural Soap bars 120g (various)

Klockargårdens Natural Soap bars 120g (various)

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Natural soaps made in Sweden. 

Fram med bubblet: Lovely shea butter soap with the finest, bubbliest scent. 

Cocolime:  Beautiful shea butter soap with the divine scent of cocos and lime.

Strandnära: A soap scented with lavendel and almond oil.

Bärnsten & Vattenfall: A truly luxurious Lanolin soap. . This is an oriental, floral, amber scent! It has top notes of citrus leaves. Middle notes of jasmine and night hyacinth. The base is complex: oud wood, bourbon vanilla, amber and vanilla.

 Crazy Cat lady: The fragrance is feminine with floral, powdery and exclusive perfume scent. 

Kurbitshjärta:  A scent to make you happy. Fruity notes of wild pomegranate, sweet strawberry and cool melon. Blends nicely with wild orchid and night hyacinth. Anchored with gentle white sandalwood.

Apelsintvål: contains only genuine essential oil of Orange for the genuine and deliciously good scent. Good for both skin and mood!

Citrongräs & Vanilj: Fresh from citrus grass and sweet from a little vanilla. Popular, unisex fragrance that is liked by most people. 

Sommarplåga: A citrus scent that is not only extremely fresh but can also have the ability to keep mosquitoes at an appropriate distance.

Jordgubbsdrömmar: The most beautiful scent imaginable. Summer feeling all year round. Strawberries.

Mammas: Mammas own soap scent! Top notes of sweet pineapple and bergamot leaf. Soft floral notes of cedar, passion fruit, peonies, violets and night blooming jasmine. Sweet balm, amber, sandalwood and musk.

Norrskensnatt: Fresh top notes of lavender and lemon. It is followed by middle notes of ozone, sage, spearmint and lily. Anchors deeply on a powdery base with notes of orris root, musk and ambergris.

Kvällsdopp: Scent of fresh lime and fruitier lemon verbena anchored in mild cocos

Milda Olivia: The mildest soap imaginable. Contains only organic cold-pressed virgin olive oil. Gently washes clean with all the nurturing properties of olive oil. Suitable for everyone, even babies and the really sensitive. Completely natural!

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