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Nordic Health

Nordic Health MultiVit Multivitamin Spray

Nordic Health MultiVit Multivitamin Spray

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Nordic Health Spray's MultiVit Multivitamin Spray is a natural multivitamin-mineral spray. The spray contains natural A-, B1-, B2-, B3-, B5-, B6-, B12-, C-, D3- and K1 vitamins, biotin, folic acid, and iodine and selenium.

The spray is well documented to be absorbed efficiently via the mucous membranes in the cheek, thus avoiding the intestinal system's complicated uptake pathways. The dietary supplement is also suitable for children, and it is without synthetic additives. Taste of black currants and plums.

Use for Adults: 4 sprays a day through the cheek mucosa of the mouth. The bottle contains 160 doses. Please note that the recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

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