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SOLA Handmade soap 60g

SOLA Handmade soap 60g

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Soap Handmade in Finland suitable for body, hair and shaving. 

Korven isäntäThis soap contains spruce, nettle and birch leaves from the forests of North Karelia. Essential oils bring mythical scents. 

Mäntyterva: Mighty vegan natural soap with traditional Finnish pine tar

Kanerva & Hunaja: This soap is made from organic Finnish oats, heather flowers and plenty of honey and beeswax. Salvia and organic orange essential oils give this soap its calming scent

Elämänvoima: An orange-yellow soap with a lovely floral scent containing essential oils of muskatella, geranium, palmarosa and orange. This soap gets its vibrant color from carrot juice.

Inkiväärin ilo: Refreshing natural soap with plenty of powerful ginger.

Luomukaura: Organic oats, organic coconut oil and pure, Finnish cold-pressed rapeseed oil make a distinguished soap of yellow colour. This is a mellow oat soap for relaxing body and mind.

Nokkosen ihme: Invigorating vegan nettle soap, nettle soothes sensitive skin, curbs skin greasiness, and nourishes hair.

Metsän Taika: A four season scented vegan natural soap with spruce sprouts and birch leaves from clean North-Karelian nature. Essential oils of Siberian fir, pine, patchouli and organic Spanish marjoram bring scents of forest to your skin.

Hillan Hurma: Mild scented and vegan natural soap with Finnish cloudberries. Cloudberry crumbs make this soap mildly peeling.

Laventelin Laulu: Relaxing vegan lavender soap. The scent of lavender reduces mental tension and improves sleep.

Lempi Lemmen: Sensual handmade natural soap with ancient aphrodisiacs and relaxing plants. Sea buckthorn gives soap it's colour.

Mesiturve:  This granite coloured soap is full of peat, honey and essential oil of rosemary. Peat and honey are gentle and caring for your skin.

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