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Elsan Ekopaja

Elsan Ekopaja Soap

Elsan Ekopaja Soap

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 Natural handcrafted soap made in Heinola, Finland. 

Mamman mansikkamaito - strawberry milk soap (goat's milk soap, nourishes and revitalizes the skin)

Keijukaisen kehäkukka -  marigold soap (vegan, fragrance-free, suitable for baby's skin)

Sydänlasten saippua -  contains olive oil and cranberry fragrance oil
(From each bar of 

Sydänlasten soap, Elsan Ekopaja donates 20% of the proceeds to Suomen sydänlapset- ja aikuiset ry)

Nallen Hunajasaippua - Honey-scented soap containing beeswax and calendula
(Elsan Ekopaja donates 20% of the profit from the soap to lastenklinikoiden kummit  ry.)

Lumi salt soap - the soap refreshes, cools and moisturizes. For dry skin, atopic skin, sensitive skin, to remove sweat odor.

Mustikkametsäsaippua - Calmingly scented blueberry forest soap. Aromatherapy in your bathroom.

KumpeliUnscented vegan salt soap, removes unpleasant odours and gently disinfects. Suitable for atopic and sensitive skin. 

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