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Kierti Bamboo dish cloth (various)

Kierti Bamboo dish cloth (various)

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The bamboo dish rag is Kiert's classic - in production since 2008. The rag is made of double domestic bamboo elastic terrycloth, and really absorbent. Suitable as a kitchen dishcloth as well as for all general cleaning of the home. When wiping dust, this rag works both dry and wet thanks to its surface structure. Due to its strong absorbency, the product dries rather slowly, but still doesn't start to smell stuffy easily. Wash at sixty degrees, line dry, iron when damp.

Production: The material comes to Finland as yarn and is knitted into fabric at Orivede. The finished fabric is printed by hand in Porvoo, where the products are also sewn and finished.

Size 26 × 19 cm

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