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Luxia Garden Cosmetics

Luxia Garden Cosmetics Rosa Salva

Luxia Garden Cosmetics Rosa Salva

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The luxurious and deeply moisturizing rose salve for the face contains real rose and other natural ingredients that care for and soften the skin of the face.

Nourishing almond oil and antioxidant shea butter make the product very nutrient-rich. Rosehip seed oil contains vitamin A and fatty acids necessary for the regeneration of skin cells. The oat silk in the rose salve leaves the skin with a soft, silky and non-greasy feeling and gives the user luxury.

Rose is suitable for all skin types. It renews, moisturizes, protects, strengthens, softens and brightens the skin. The scent of a rose lifts your mood and helps you deal with adversity more lightly.

Used in the morning and evening on a clean, slightly damp face.
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